APMFG Fab. Inc. Shelter Systems

Flat Roof Bus Shelter

APMFG Fab. Inc. Bus Shelter Flat designs are manufactured and engineered to last with various roofing materials such as Aluminum roof skin, thermoclear twin wall polycarbonate translucent material, Stainless Steel Brush Finish for no maintenance. Bus Shelter Roofs are manufacture in Aluminum or Steel. The vertical frames can also be manufactured in all aluminum or steel and the back and sides to protect the patrons from the elements perforated metal, polycarbonate lexan and tempered safety glass. Most bus shelters can be surface mounted depending on the windloads. All shelters start at 9 foot long and can be designed up to 21 foot long.

Flat Solar Roof Shelter with Bench

Flat Roof Bus Stop Shelter: 21 foot long by 5ft wide with tempered glass front and back with a 260watt 24 volt solar panel with 1374 Lumens of LED lighting 7 nights battery backup led lighting Brush Finish Stainless Steel roof skin, steel vertical columns surface mount ADA compliant Build in All Aluminum welded 3in x 2in plank bench .Email For Pricing





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