APMFG Fab. Inc. Shelter Systems

Shelter Systems Custom Designs

APMFG Fab. Inc. can design and fabricate custom bus shelters, shade structures, solar bus shelter led lighting, bus stop pole mounted led lighting, trash enclosures, benches,bike racks, park site furnishings, and custom stainless steel fabricated products.

APMFG can help you with your existing products and or design new bus shelters,
solar led light poles, benches, shade structures that fit your needs or desires.

APMFG Fab. Inc. has the capabilities to build your products in Aluminum,
Stainless Steel, Structural Steel and has AWS 1.1 and 1595 specialty
certified welders along with the following capabilities: Laser Cuting,
Plate Rolling, Sheet Metal Forming, Tube Bending, Shearing and Machining.
Custom Metal Fabrication

APMFG Fab. Inc. is also DBE Certified. DBE Certification # 43681

Custom Metal Fabrication

APMFG will also look at your project at no cost and consult with you to gather information
process it based on our consulting methodology and then come back to you with your new
design and full life cycle of your project with drawings at no cost to you.

Parks and Recreation, Bollards, Car Port Canopies, Shade Structures, frames, enclosures.
Our Quality and pricing are unbeatable when you compare the competition closely. APMFG uses a methodology that works to keep quality up and consistency from one system to the next.

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Cetified Made in California