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Park Metal Shade Shelter

Park Metal Shelters are design, manufactured and engineered to last with various roofing materials such as Aluminum roof skin, Multi Rib Metal roofing, Standing Seam Metal Roofing twin wall polycarbonate translucent material, Stainless Steel Brush Finish with no maintenance. Picnic Shelter are manufactured using Aluminum or Steel. APMFG Fabricators Inc., Shelters are engineered for wind loads per State. All shapes and sizes available.

Shade Structure Hip Peak 28 FT by 15 FT Aluminum Steel Roof Shade Structure * Multi-Rib metal roof with custom facia * Heavy Square Stuctural Steel tubing welded per AWS 1.1 * Heavy laser cut A36 plates welded to vertical columns * Heavy a 327 galvanize hardware with 8 Anchor Bolts per * Powder Coat zinc rich primer and Custom secondary top coat

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Shade Shelter

New Parks Shade Structure Hip Roof Multi - Tier 70ft x 40ft Approved by the San Diego State Parks and Recreation.(Click on Image for more Images)

This Shade Structure is designed and manufactured by All Purpose Mfg. Inc. and is engineered for California. All Domestic Made in America Steel was used and by Certified Small Manufacture located in Oceanside, California . The beautiful features of your traditional Country barn style. The green roofing color allows it to blend in with the natural background of the mountains along with the Tan powder coated color to help match the same surroundings.

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Shade Structures

Rancho Mirage Shade Structure

Dimensions : 16' x 22' long Shallow Hip Peak Curved Radius All Aluminum Roof
85 Watt Solar Panel, with 24 Bright White LED'S-Dusk to Dawn
.060 thick Aluminum Ceiling Panels
8 x 8 x 3/16 Square Steel Vertical Post Structure Wet Stamp Engineered for Surface Mount
Custom Corrugated Perforated half Walls
Powder Coated Gold Hammer,Copper Vein, Silver Vein Black Hammer with Vandal Clear Coat steel vertical columns surface mount. ADA compliant 6ft steel bench .

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Park Metal Trellis

New Port Beach Corten Steel 40ft Park Trellis.
Custom Designed and Fabricated Steel Trellis, Fabricated and hand welded by Certified AWS Welders Tapper Columns with Water Jet Cut 3/8 Thick Corten Steel plate. Engineering calculations for 90mhp. Flush Mounted APMFG Led Lighting using 5000K bright white flux, total Lumen output 6500 operating Dusk to Dawn.

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Shade Structures

Hip Peak Shade Structure Tenecula CHP/Border Patrol Dimensions : 30' x 30' Hip Peak Structural Steel Construction
24 Gaugel Multi-Rib Metal Roofing
Heavy Steel Roofing Truss no field welding required
10 x 10 x 5/8 Square Steel Vertical Post Structure Structural Engineered for 120mph
Powder Coated Zinc Rich Primer with Top Powder Coat Super 38 Exterior Powder Coat "Buy America".

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Park Metal Trellis

Lighting and Fencing by others

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