APMFG Fab. Inc. Shelter Systems

About Us

APMFG Fab. Inc. always delivers strong and safe systems.
Founded in 2004 APMFG has established it's reputation as one of the most inovative designers and manufacturers of transit shelters, shade structures, solar bus stop led light poles, solar bus shelter led lighting, solar path led lighting, trash enclosures, outdoor furniture and advertising displays.
APMFG uses the KISS method in it's methodology to be able to design a system that does not require proprietary extrusions, patent pending devises that prevent the Agency to be able to make repairs. APMFG always keeps cost in mind.

DBE Certification # 43681

APMFG Listens to your needs

APMFG uses the consultative approach to find out what the needs and problems are to be able to design a system that meets the needs of our customers. APMFG will also design a custom system that will meet your needs what is already in stock.

Certified small manufacture located in Oceanside CA, every raw material that is processed through our plant from start to finish is backed with mill certification and we can build to Buy America standards. APMFG uses the most environmentally friendly Powder Coaters and Painters in San Diego and the quality is checked by our staff.

Solar LED lighting is designed in house by APMFG which gives us the edge on where and how to make the led lighting safe and away from vandals. APMFG designs it's Solar Led Lighting with style and keeps always designs for vandal proof systems. APMFG also uses materials that are 100% recyclable and that do not harm the environment.