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APMFG Fabricators Inc. manufactures Metal dumpster enclosure covers, Metal trash enclosures covers with gates in custom sizes to meet your requirements. The Metal trash enclosures are structurally engineered out of steel or aluminum and we can match the existing roofing materials of the main buildings to match. APMFG can design them with flat pitched roofs, hip peak roofs (Gable) and peak roofs.
APMFG can fabricate the enclosure structures out of aluminum or steel along with any roofing tile or standing metal seam. Once we gather all of your information we will then put a drawing together for your review along with color charts and roofing charts.
APMFG uses a two part powder coating system first step sandblast all materials apply a zinc rich primer powder coat and the final powder coat will be a super 38 commercial grade powder coat to last many years.

email us and we will help you design a custom enclosure. Email Request