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Custom Bus Shelter Systems

APMFG Fab. Inc. will consult with you and engineer your Custom Designed Bus Shelters with Solar LED Lighting, Metal Roofing materials, Twin Wall Thermocear Lexan Roofing, Aluminum Sheet Metal with Batten covers, Brush Finish Stainless Steel, and powder coat the metal roofing to any RAL color available. Roof Framing is constructed of Aluminum or Steel and the roofs can be rolled, flat, peak, and can take on the look of an existing building. Frame Structures can be made of Square and Round Hollow Structural Steel Tubing or All Aluminum. Perforated Metal is the most common used material in the center and sides, alternate materials such as Tempered Glass, and Polycarbonate 1/4 thick Lexan or thicker panels in clear or bronze.
Powder Coat finish with zinc rich powder coat primer along with the secondary powder coat color is best for all elements.
Stock Bus Shelters Roof Dimensions single side; roof 7 foot wide up to 40 ft long and double sided 10 foot wide up to 40' long. Engineering will be required for your State by a State licensed Structural Engineer. Call 760-967-8464

Custom HP Bus Shelter Solar LED Lighting

Rancho Mirage Bus Shelter:
Dimensions : 16' x 22' long Shallow Hip Peak Curved Radius All Aluminum Roof. 110 Watt Solar Panel, with 24 Bright White LED'S operating from Dusk to Dawn
.060 thick Aluminum Ceiling Panels
8 x 8 x 3/16 Square Steel Vertical Post Structure Wet Stamp Engineered for Surface Mount
Custom Corrugated Perforated half walls
Powder Coated Gold Hammer-Copper Vein, Silver Vein,�Black Hammer�with Vandal Clear Coat. Email For Pricing

Custom Bus Shelter with stone coat led lighting

Custom 15ft x 10ft Bus Shelter:
Aluminum roof with sky lights, custom led lighting clusters,laser cut end panels, custom slate tile columns, Cast in place concrete Benches with Glass Tile Sides along with custom skate stoppers. Custom Stainless Steel Frame with Faux 3d Water Fall, Laser Cut Aluminum Leaves Powder Coated, water misting system. 8' x 15' long Email for Quotes Call 760-967-8464

All Purpose Mfg. Bus Shelters



Bus Shelter, Benches, skate stoppers, Custom Stainless Steel Frames, Solar LED Lighting call APMFG Fabricators Inc. 760-967-8464